João Távora | mostly drawing

steregushchiy, 2018, polyamide plastic, pulleys, steel cable

bend sinister, 2018, charcoal and tape on paper, 100x70cm

do not get a hard on when you say panties, 2018, poliester resin, panties

lust for line (50 drawings), 2015, mixed media on paper, 15x20cm

japan illustrated II, 2016, charcoal and graphite on paper, 42x59.5cm

Seventeen, 2016, gif animation, 40 A4 drawings, 2 seconds

japan illustrated IV, 2018, charcoal on paper, 100x140cm

untitled, 2014, mixed media on paper, 59.5x42cm

A burning thing, 2019, dry pastel on paper, 100x140cm